In a continuing effort to satisfy its customers, SAGES has developed a quality process from receipt to delivery for shipment.
Two sorting are performed to select specific export dates:

The first sorting is done at the reception: This results in two lots of dates, dates of first choice and dates of second choice. They are then stored in cold rooms with a storage capacity of over 3,000 tons.

The second sorting takes place in the processing unit; this is a very meticulous work that is exerted only on the dates of first choice. The entire selection is manual.

The processing unit is fitted with sophisticated and ultra modern equipment which treats every year the highest quality dates in the world. These dates are then exported towards many countries throughout all the five continents.

SAGES is also fitted with a laboratory for physiochemical and bacteriological analyses and control, and equipped with all the necessary machines needed to control quality and check our products at all the stages of processing.

At each step of the production process, analyses are performed in order to ensure

  • The product stability
  • Strict conformity to norms and customer specifications
  • The consumer safety

On Brunch

These dates are natural, do not undergo any treatment.

Khouat Alig

This date is characterized by its elongated, slender shape, it resembles the Allig variety in texture, colour and taste. The literal translation of “Khouat Allig” is: sister Allig .


A very light, yellowish date, with the particularity of being precocious. It ripens early in October (see ripening steps).

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