About Us

Located in the middle of the Cap Bon region of Tunisia, the company SAGES "Company Agro Export Sahel" is a company specialized in packaging and export of Fruits (dates, citrus) and Vegetables (Potato)...

SAGES has a date-processing unit with an area of 10000m2 with a storage capacity of 2,500 tons in order to better meet the entire world demand. In addition, our company is equipped with sophisticated equipment and innovative as well as a competent and qualified team to meet the standards and regulatory requirements.

Our mission?  Offer the best quality that nature has to offer, by paying special attention to the most appropriate and sustainable methods of cultivation and processing.

Our vision? Being an innovative company, proud of its history. Become among the world references in terms of quality of dates.

Our values? The passion for excellence, the pursuit of perfection and ethics, that is to say, the sustainability, transparency, development of individual talent and teamwork.
The attention to people and the environment.



On branch

Ces These dates are natural, do not undergo any treatment.

Khouat Allig

This date is characterized by its elongated, slender shape; it resembles the Allig variety in texture, colour and taste. The literal translation of “Khouat Allig” is: sister Allig .


A very light, yellowish date, with the particularity of being precocious. It ripens early in October (see ripening steps).